What is a collaboratory?

We chose a collaboratory because the Centre for Educational Leadership and Policy employs a model of working with universities, school districts and other research sites called research as co-learning.  In co-learning research, all of the participants involved in the research project have a voice in all aspects of the research.

Why a collaboratory now?

Over the past year we have seen challenges emerge that were unforeseen before the global pandemic. Our response to the pandemic has driven by both policy decisions involving all aspects of educational context and leadership by those leading our individual and collective reactions to the challenges all educators are facing. A collaboratory is an effort to bring a collective effort to examining and undertaking research that informs educational contexts across the globe.


"The urgent need for well founded and broadly supported policies in the public sphere, as well as the leadership required to generate, nurture and sustain them, becomes all the clearer in stressful times. This rings especially true today in spheres of critical importance such as health and education. Both policy and leadership and their intersections are inherently complex and elusive, yielding to optimal solutions only after rigorous thought and action by individuals and collectives. The Collaboratory for Educational Policy and Leadership provides a venue for much needed discourse and action."
Dr. Ron Bordessa, President (Retired)
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
"The development of a 'collaboratory' that focuses on leadership and policy is both timely and an important contribution to research regarding the significant role that leadership contributes to the educational administration and policy development. I look forward to watching development closely."
Dr. Mary Bluechardt, President
Mount Saint Vincent University
"Pundits refer to the current brew of demographic shifts, disruptive technologies, challenged economics and now pandemic as a perfect storm alighting on postsecondary education. Today, the evolving Collaboratory for Educational Policy and Leadership is simply the right solution at the right time. The tectonic plates beneath postsecondary education's foundations are moving again and the need for scholarship to inform sustainable, positive change cannot be overstated."
Richard N. Katz
Winner, EDUCAUSE 2019 Award for Lifetime Leadership in Information Technology and Higher Education